Adventures in Armenian Cooking - Introduction

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This online Armenian Cookbook with over 200 recipes was originally published in 1973 by St. Gregory's Armenian Apostolic Church of Indian Orchard, Massachusetts as a fund raiser. Additional recipes have been added to this online resource as well.



Chairman Shirley Setian

Co-Chairman Liz Setian

Recipe Committee Ann Merigian Helen Meregian Mary Garibian

Glossary Naomi Johnson

Cover Illustrations Donald Forgue

Helpful Hints Margaret Garibian

Thanks to all who contributed their recipes to this cookbook; especially to those talented cooks who have always cooked "achkee chahp" (by the eye) and took the time to measure and test their recipes before submitting them.

Thanks also to the many typists, proofreaders and aides who helped in the many miscellaneous jobs that were necessary in compiling this cookbook.

All proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will benefit St. Gregory's Armenian Apostolic Church of Indian Orchard, Massachusetts.


There is a wonderful touch of many Near Eastern cultures intermingled with Armenian cooking.

An Armenian cookbook would not be complete without acknowledging the influence, throughout the years, of Greek, Turkish, Syrian, Persian and Arabic neighbors.

Although the origin is not always clear, there is no doubt about the excitement, warmth and good taste to be found in Armenian cooking.

[Map of where in Historic Armenia all of the recipe contributors are from.]


This book is dedicated to all who enjoy the delights of cooking; with special appreciation to the Armenian women who have passed their treasured recipes down through the generations. Although some of the recipes have been adapted to using modern ingredients and methods, the spirit of traditional Armenian cooking has been kept. We hope the good feelings Armenian Cooking has given us, is passed on to you through this book.