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Adventures in Armenian Cooking - Abbreviations and Glossary

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baking powder B.P.
black blk.
gallon gal.
gallons gals.
large lge.
medium med.
minutes min.
optional (opt.)
ounce oz.
ounces ozs.
package pkg.
pound lb.
pounds lbs.
quart qt.
quarts qts.
small sm.
tablespoon tbsp.
teaspoon tsp.
vegetable veg.


abour soup
aghtzan (salata) salad
ahrantz without
anoukh mint
anoush sweet
anoushabour anousheghen
armav date
baba ghanoush eggplant salad
bagh cold
baki Lenten
bamiya okra
banir cheese
bastegh thin, dried sheets of fruit juice
basterma cured spiced meat
behzalya (volorn) peas
beximet breadstick-like roll
bishi pancakes, Armenian style
blor ball shape
boerag a pastry with a filling occasionally a vegetable with filling
bourma rolled Filo (shirred strudel pastry) with syrup and a nut filling
bulghour (tzavar) cracked wheat which can be bought fine, medium, or coarse.
chaimen (mannanekh) ground spice (fenugreek seed)
chee kufta (Khema) Armenian style steak tartare
chocolat chocolate
choerag Armenian roll
choor water
dabgadz fried
darchin (tarijeni) cinnamon
davaji (ooghdaban) camel herder (peasant)
derev leaves, usually grape leaves
dolma (letsvadz) a stuffed food, most often a vegetable stuffed with meat and/or rice
dzedzadz hulled wheat
dzerani apricot, with
ekmek kadayif a syrupy dessert served with a topping of thick cream
enguinar (gangar) artichokes
epvatz cooked
fassoulia (lupia) beans
filo (patzvadz tert) prepared strudel-like dough available in Near Eastern shops
ganancheghen green vegetables
gargantag cake
garmeer dag (jegentegh) beet
gatnabour rice pudding
gelor round
gelorig small round shape
geragoor stew-type meal usually made with meat and vegetables
geragoorner plural of geragoor
jermag white
gorgod barley
guevej (turlu) a baked stew
Haygagan Armenian
halvah a sweet paste candy or dessert
hamov tasty
hatz bread
hav chicken
havgit egg
herisah (keshgeg) lamb or fowl cooked with barley to oatmeal like consistency
hummos chick-pea dip
huntk ungooyz coconut
imam bayeldi a baked eggplant dish
imrig halvah a pudding made of Cream of Wheat and pine nuts
jagentegh (garmeer dag) beets
jajukh cucumbers and yogurt
jezveh (surjaman) coffee pot usually made of brass with long handle
kadayif a pastry of shredded dough with a nut filling and syrup
kalajosh lamb-yogurt dish
karnabede cauliflower
karni yarek baked, stuffed eggplant
Kharpet name of a city
kebab (khorovadz) barbecue
kednakhnzor potato
keshgeg (herisah) lamb or fowl cooked with barley to oatmeal-like consistency
kereviz celery
khambourga roast lamb stuffed with flavored pilaf
khavourma braised lamb or beef
khema ground meat or other mixture for stuffing
khumoreghen pastry
khundzor apple
kimion cumin
khorvatz fried
kufta chopped meat often shaped into patties/balls with stuffing
kurabia a shortbread cookie
lahana (gaghambd) cabbage
lahmajoon Armenian Pizza (meat pie)
lavash cracker bread or thin bread
letsvadz stuffed
lupia dry bean
lule kebab finger shape burgers
losh burger patties
madzoon Armenian name for yogurt
madzoonov with madzoon
mafish fried dough
mahig crescent
mahleb a ground seed used in pastries with vanilla-like flavor
mamoul a nut-filled cookie sprinkled with confectioners suger
manti small canoe-shaped dough filled with meat served with yogurt
Marash name of city
mees meat
meesov with meat
meza appetizer
midia appetizer
midia dolma rice stuffed mussels
mujadera bulghour cooked with lentils
muhallabi pudding made with rice flour
mushosh lentils with apricots dish
noush almonds
paghach flaky layered bread
paghlah fava beans
pahtz hatz (parag hatz) cracker bread
paklava (tertanoush) a flaky, many-layered nut-filled pastry with syrup
pahnjareghen any vegetable
pahndjar swiss chard
pargoghee cognac
parag hatz (pahtz hatz) cracker bread
patlijan (sempoog) eggplant
patlijanov with eggplant
peynirlee bread baked with cheese
piaz salad made with beans
pideh Armenian bread made in a round loaf
pilaf steamed rice, bulghour, or lentils
plaki cooked with assorted vegetables and oil
poohri baked in oven
porov with stuffing
prassa leek
prinz rice
prinzov pilaf pilaf made with rice
rahan basil
raki (oghi) achoholic beverage of Armenia made with raisins and flavored with anise
rechel a candy-like preserve made with pumpkin, squash, quince or watermelon
sajoostoo flat, thin-layered bread
salata (aghtzan) salad
sarma (patats) grape leave, cabbage leaves, swiss chard, filled and rolled
sergahvel quince
serim baked dough with yogurt
shakar sugar
shish (shampour) skewer
shish kebab (shampouri khorovadz) skewered barbequed lamb
simit a crisp stick cookie
sini kufta baked ground or chapped lamb and cracked wheat with an exotic filling
siserr chick peas
sokh onions
sokherantz sautéed onions
soorj Armenian coffee
sou-boerag flaky cheese pastry
soojookh dried Armenian sausage, highly spiced
spanagh (shomin) spinach
susam sesame seed
susamov khumoreghen pastries with sesame seeds
tabouleh cracked wheat salad
taheen sesame paste
tahn a refreshing beverage made with yogurt and water
tahnabour hot or cold yogurt soup
tapsi baking pan
tass kebab potted lamb
tava frying pan
tel sheriyah curled, vermicelli noodle
tomates (lolig) tomato
tourshi pickles
tsoug fish
tukaleek fried dough balls
turlu (guevej) a baked lamb dish with a mixture of vegetables or mixed vegetable dish
tutum squash or pumpkin
tutumi good pumpkin or squash seed
ungouyz nuts
tzmeroog watermelon
vosp lentil
vospov with lentil
yalanchi sarma stuffed grape leaves
yerishta noodles
yeregamoonk kidney
youkha thin bread