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Zori Balayan

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Birthplace Stepanakert
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Birth date 10 February 1935
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian, Karabakh Armenian

Novelist, Journalist, Sports-doctor, Traveler, Sports expert, 1972 Member of the Writers’ Union of Armenia

Born February 10th, 1935, Stepanakert, Gharabagh.

Graduate of the Riazana Institute of Medicine (Russia). He worked in Kamchatka as a doctor. From Kamtchatca he went to Odessa on the “Vulgan” and “Haiezer” ships, and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean. He crossed the Kamtchatca and Tchokotscaya tundras with dog-sledges, travelling as far as the North Sea. These journeys have been narrated in book form.

Z. Balayan is a chronicler of the Artsakh movement and Artsakh war. 1988-1991 on meeting with relevant important personages of the Soviet Union Communist Party Central Committee, he describes the fundamental problems of Artsakh, and the tragedies that took place in Nagorni Gharabagh, and warned of the dangers of spreading of Pan-Turkism. In 1990, September 9th - 20th, the “Moscow” declared a hunger-strike, demanding the re-establishment of the legal rights of Nagorni Gharabagh. He took an active role in planning the defense battles from Arats to Omar mountain pass. He is a journalist of the “Literarturnaya Gazetta”. He organises the help coming from different countries to the Artsakh region, including the help given by Baroness Cox’s mission.

He is a member of the Journalists’ Union.

His diaries, documentary writing and philosophical and journalistic dialogues are dedicated to the healthy lifestyle, environmental, moral and economical issues. His open letter to the newlyweds is published in fifteen languages.


  1. My Kiligia, (Russian), Yerevan, 2004
  2. Chasm, (Armenian and Russian), Yerevan, 2004
  3. Heaven and Hell (Armenian, Russian and English) Los Angeles, 1997, Yerevan, 1995
  4. Hearth, Moscow 1984, Yerevan 1981
  5. Between Two Fires, Yerevan 1979

Zori Balayan Calls for Ter Petrosyan Resignation

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)–"It happened so that you were the first president of Armenia and your last step must be worthy of an image of the first president. Revolution idols should leave in time. That is the lesson of the history–which may be vindictive and rancorous," reads an open letter by well-known publicist Zori Balayan addressed to Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

The author expressed in his letter his discontent and indignation over Levon Ter-Petrosyan's stance on the Karabakh issue.

Balayan wrote that Karabakh is the reason for the violation of Ter-Petrosyan's five-year-long "silence."

According to him–Armenia and Karabakh have been offered time to solve the problem by the end of the year. At the same time–the policy of blackmail is applied in relation to Armenia and Karabakh–in particular–a hint of economic and other sanctions.

The author was bewildered over Ter-Petrosyan's argument and Armenia will not become a normal state unless the Karabakh issue is solved–and hence–the blockade will not be removed.

"I do not consider you as a naive man. I am convinced that you believe in the removal of the blockade as much as you believed in a miracle that Antelias and St Echmiadzin would unify after the election of a new Catholicos. Of course, Azerbaijan will unblock the way with pleasure–knowing that if necessary–it can close it for another round of bargain."

In response to Ter-Petrosyan's words about five versions of solution–Balayan notes: "The people of Karabakh think that there is only one way–and to speak about a package or a step-by-step solution is all the same... agreeing to a step-by-step version–you untie the hands of butchers who already feel like winners."

As for Ter-Petrosyan's admitting his numerous mistakes–Balayan brings Thomas Jefferson's example–when an official's personal shortcomings are turning into a crime of the state system in case there is no division of powers.

"Only you can prevent a disaster and only if you set a date for new elections before the time–when international community in person of some OSCE forces foists a fatal version on Karabakh... I would not advise to equal yourself and Karabakh. Karabakh will remain even if you have to leave. Moreover–your deliberate–well-considered and timely resignation will only strengthen it."

Thursday, October 16, 1997