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Born in 1956, in Syria, Zareh moved to civil war-torn Lebanon, where he grew up. His art represents endless transformation and evolution. "Reality is not absolute, it is relative. Art is an expression relative to environment and period," says Zareh. Immigrating to the United States in 1983, he attended classes at both UCLA and the Barnsdall Art Center.

Harvest Gallery will be exhibiting paintings and drawings by Zareh, an artist who has displayed his art in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. He has also staged live, public exhibits including "The Red Trees of the Armenian Genocide" (2001) and most recently a traveling series titled "Marry the Priest" (2002). His art has been featured in numerous mainstream and ethnic publications including the Los Angeles Times, La Opinion, Panorama (Russian), Armenian Observer, Armenian Reporter International, Asbarez Daily and the Beirut Times.

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