Zabel Adanalian

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We are saddened to report the passing away of Zabel Adanalian on March 30, 2007. She was in her late eighties and had been living in Athens, Greece in her later years. She is survived by her son Yervant in Texas, her daughter Ophelia in Greece and their respective families. May her soul rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to all members of the Adanalian and Kalavrias families.

Zabel was an Ethiopian-Armenian.

Note from granddaughter Kelli Adanalian Mozey (Yervant's Daughter):

Thanks so much for this lovely tribute to my grandmother- Zabel. She was one of the greatest women I have ever known, and could ever hope to know. In her later years, after leaving the states to reside in Athens, Greece, my heart was broken. Unfortunately, I was never able to travel to Greece and see her one last time.

Unlike anyone else I've ever known, my beautiful grandmother Zabel taught me so much about faith, love, life, and our Armenian heritage. As painful as her loss has been for me, knowing my grandmother is in Heaven has brought me great solace. For the rest of my life, my grandmother's amazingly strong spirit will live inside of me, and she will always reside in both my heart and mind. Always. God Bless my precious Metza.