Yves Ternon

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Doctor and historian

Former intern of Paris, surgeon. Yves Ternon led since 1965 historical research on the Jewish génocide and the Armenian génocide. Doctor of history, University Paris IV Sorbonne, he has published three works, in collaboration, on Nazism: History of medicine SS (1969); The Massacre of the lunatics (1971); German Doctors and national-socialisme , (1973), as well as many works on the Armenians of which: Armenians, history of a génocide (Threshold, 1977 and 1996), the Armenian Cause (Threshold, 1983), Investigation into the negation of a génocide (Brackets, 1989); and a book of reflexion on the génocides of the XXe century: The criminal State (Threshold, 1995).