Yervant Zanazanian

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Born in Ethiopia, and moved to Australia, where he was naturalised. Married to Anie Zanazanian, also an Ethiopian Armenian. Yervant parents are Hagop (deceased 2004) and Diana Zanazanian.

Yervant is esteemed amongst the TOP 5 Professional Wedding & Portrait Photographers of the world. His 'Signature' style has earned him great recognition internationally. Yervant is received industry's highest accolade " Most Influential Wedding Photographer of our times" in 2010 in USA at an international photographers convention. His name continually graces numerous listings of "Top Photographer of the year" publications worldwide. Yervant is recognised as one who has set significant milestones in the photography industry. He is a GRAND Master of Photography and the youngest member to receive a Fellowship with AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and also hon F. MPA UK. Yervant travels extensively to photograph assignments and also to teach, inspire and share his expertise with peers globally.

Yervant pioneered the introduction of Digital Imaging to professional wedding and portrait photography and is the writer/creator of professional software "Page Gallery™" which is now translated in various languages other than English for use by professional photographers. Page Gallery™ is considered the leading album layout software.

Yervant lives in Melbourne Australia with wife Anie and two sons Ricky and Robbie.

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