Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction

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The history of the Armenian school of Architecture and Construction started in 1921, with opening of a Technical School in the newly established Yerevan State University. The new specialties taught in the school included the specialties of Engineering and Architecture and Engineering and Hydro-technology. In February 1927, these specialties were renamed into Civil Engineering and Construction of Roads and Hydraulic Facilities respectively.

During the 86 years of the history, starting from the Technical Faculty of the Yerevan State University up to today's Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, the university has produced around 30,000 graduates mainly with architectural and construction specialties. Most of them had a decent contribution in the architectural and construction development of the country, have become researchers, skillful organizers of design and construction activities, have been leading the development processes in this field. Starting from 1957, about 400 foreign students have acquired qualification of architects and constructors. In whatever country they work now, they uphold the honor of their university and add more recognition for it. The good reputation of YSUAC is proven by the high places that the university’s graduates are ranked during international contests. The YSUAC diploma is officially recognized by governments of a number of countries. YSUAC is the only university in Armenia preparing architects and construction engineers of 20 specialties, where the best specialists of the field are teaching.

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