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In 1945 just a month after the end of the war the Institute of Fine Arts was founded in Yerevan. It was something unique in ancient Armenian cultural life. Afterwards, the talented Armenian students had an opportunity to get professional higher education within their homeland.

The graduates of that and consequent years, among whom were sculptors, artists, graphics, with the help of their bright and high art brought absolutely new quality standards to Armenian national culture. Moreover, they were those graduates who laid foundation for the Union of Artists of Armenia.

Through 1953-1994 the Institute of Fine Arts and the Institute of Theatre have represented one Institution of higher education. In 1994 the Institute of Fine Arts became a separate entity, and in 2000 it was named as Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. Gyumri branch of the Academy was established in 1997, while Dilijan one was opened in 1999. H. Ghukassyan and Gh. Ghazaryan were appointed as the directors of Gyumri and Dilijan branches consequently.

Throughout years, due to modern demands, the Institute has opened such new departments and specialties as graphics, design, art studies, decorative applied arts, fashion, and computer design.

Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts began the teaching course of Design Department in 1964. Throughout 45 years the graduates of the Department of Design have reached professional achievements and greatly contributed to different fields of industry. Moreover, they greatly contributed to the establishment of the Union of Designers of Armenia.

The graduates of Fashion Department have had many achievements not only in Armenia but also abroad. It is noticeable that many of them due to modern demands have their private business and have unique place in that sphere.

In 1994 artist, Honored Art Worker of the RoA, professor Aram Isabekyan was appointed as the rector of Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts. A new building was acquired, and new laboratories and workshops were opened. It was of paramount importance for the Academy the establishment of exhibition hall, which was done by American Armenian benefactor Alber Boyajyan’s generous contribution. The event became a basis for enlivening the artistic life of the Academy.

Time feeling is inherent feature of the Academy. The best example is the first installation of such a program as “Computer Design” in Armenia, which was done by the Academy of Fine Arts. It is noticeable that the above-mentioned program was installed due to the nowadays priority of high technologies. The first admission to the Department of Computer Design was carried out in 2001.

Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts is doing some steps directed to the reforms in the field of professional education and involvement in the European educational area.

Since 2004-2005 academic years the parent Institution of Higher Education and its branches have introduced three-cycle degree system: four year Bachelor programs, two year Master programs. The third cycle is represented by three year program called »Aspirantura». There are developed plans devoted to widening the scope of studies and also devoted to the mobility of students via the installation of the European Credit Transfer System within the Academy. Beginning from 2007-2008 academic years the Credit Transfer System was established within the Academy.

By the help of TEMPUS International foundation many programs are being carried out contributing to the improvement of the quality of education, the change in governing the HEI, the enlargement of International relations and the mobility of students and the faculty.

Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts has two faculties:

  • Fine Arts
  • Design and Decorative Applied Arts

Nowadays successful applicants are admitted to the following eight Departments: Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Theory and History of Fine Arts, Design, Applied Arts, Fashion, Computer Design. In 2009 the students for the first time have been admitted to the part-time teaching program of Fine Arts Department.

At present there are overall 764 registered students within the Academy, among who are 92 foreigners. Gyumri branch has 170 enrolled students, while Dilijan one has that of 34. Only through the recent two years 12 students of the Academy received gold, silver medals and encouraging diplomas in international contests.

From 120 enrolled lecturers 81 have scientific degrees and titles. Many of them have Government awards, State rewards for high professionalism and highly artistic works.

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