Yerevan Physics Institute

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The Yerevan Physics Institute was founded in 1942 as a branch of Yerevan State University by brothers Academicians Abraham Alikhanov and Artem Alikhanian on 300,000 square meters in Yerevan. A year later it was turned over to the Armenian Academy of Sciences. Later two high-altitude Cosmic Ray Stations were founded on Mount Aragats (3,200 m) and Nor Amberd (2,000 m).

Main Experimental Base

  • One of the world largest 6 GeV electron ring accelerators
  • A number of modern automated physical installations for investigations using the electron and photon beams of Yerevan synchrotron
  • High-altitude Nor Amberd and Aragats stations (2,000 and 3,200 m above sea level) for the study of cosmic rays at superhigh energies
  • Special modern instruments and equipments for scientific and technical works in applied fields
  • A powerful computer center
  • A developed pilot production

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