Yerevan City Walk - North-South axis route

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This Yerevan walk will take you almost straight north, along an axis that city planner Alexander Tamanyan planned over 75 years ago. Starting with one of Yerevans 's newest landmark, the St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, cutting right through the center of downtown, and then going up the Cascade hillside to Mayr Hayastan (Mother Armenia), you'll see much of the city's Soviet heritage as well as much of the brand new landmarks in the city: the Cathedral, the Northern Avenue and the Cafesjian Museum (under construction) on Cascade.


1) National Cathedral
2) Russia Cinema
3) “Wall Street”
4) Firdus Market
5) Hanrapetutyan bldgs
6) Republic Square
7) Northern Avenue
8) Babajanyan Statue
9) Swan Lake
10) Freedom Square
11) Opera
12) Khachadourian
13) French Square
14) Tamanyan Statue
15) Kochar Museum
16) Cascades
17) Monument
18) Haghtanak Park (Victory Park)
19) Mayr Hayastan (Mother Armenia)

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