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Yerevan (magazine)

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Yerevan Magazine is an international lifestyle publication in English, French, Russian, and Armenian.The magazine is named after the capital of Armenia and aims at presenting to the world the prominent personalities of past and present, as well as, strives at preserving the remarkable pages of Armenian history and culture. Founded in 2005, the magazine has its headquarters in Russia, Armenia and USA. The magazine is in print digitally and experientially, with the Russian issue of the magazine published 10 times a year, and the English version - 6 times a year. Armenian language version of YM is a monthly publication which is distributed for free in Yerevan, Armenia. The French-language version of the magazine is currently available online. Some of the main rubrics of the magazine include: nation, journey, career, science, legacy, etc. Yerevan magazine has published exclusive interviews and photo shoots with such global figures as Kirk Kerkorian, Andre Agassi, Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia), Eric Bogosian, Geoffrey Zakarian, Joe Cocker, Hughes brothers and others.

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