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Notes from a compilation of the messages and papers of the presidents 1789-1897, 10 vols., by James D. Richardson (U.S. Representative from Tennessee), ed., (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, published by AUTHORITY OF congress, 1897, 1899; Washington, D.C.: Bureau of National Literature and Art, 1789-1902, 11 vols., 1907, 1910).

On December 5, 1898, in his Second Annual Message to Congress, President William McKinley stated:

The newly accredited envoy to the United States to the Ottoman Porte carries instructions looking to the disposal of matters in controversy with Turkey for a number of years. He is specially charged to press for a just settlement of our claims for indemnity by reason of the destruction of the property of American missionaries resident in that country during the Armenian troubles of 1895. (Vol. X, pp. 173, 189-190).

Source: http://www.anca.org/genocide/mckinley.php

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