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July 29, 1915

Lord Crewe Denounces Influence of the Germans as "Unmitigated Curse."

London -- The Earl of Crewe, Lord President of the Council, replying today to a question by Viscount Bryce, concerning the killing of Christians in Armenia by the Turks, said the information received at the Foreign Office showed that such crimes had recently increased both in number and in degree of atrocity. They include, Lord Crewe declared, both wholesale massacre and wholesale deportations, which were carried out under the guise of enforced evacuation. Similar crimes, he added, had been committed by the Turks against Christians on the Persian border.

The presence of the Germans and the influence they exercised had been, Lord Crewe continued, "an absolute and unmitigated curse both to the Christian and Moslem population. They have shown a most complete cynical disregard for the country and the people who inhabit it."

Lord Crewe said he regretted that it was impossible to take immediate steps for the suppression of such atrocities, but that those responsible for them would ultimately receive just punishment.

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