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Who's Who - 2012

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Who’s Who?

By C.K. Garabed

Published in The Armenian Weekly, Dec. 15, 2012

If you expect to be recognized and honored by Armenian organizations, be sure you possess “credentials.” Without them you don’t stand a chance of being honored, if that term truly applies.

Where are the James Mandalians of yesteryear who would take a chance and publish a totally unknown author who used a pseudonym, at that? William Saroyan alias Sirak Goryan, found a willing audience in Mandalian, who, as editor of The Hairenik Weekly, published everything Saroyan sent him, thus being the first editor to acknowledge Saroyan’s talents.

Look around today and see who is being honored. Only those whom the world-at-large has proclaimed to be worthy. That’s because the officials of the organizations don’t have what it takes to recognize talent, only to join the parade that has already formed. They need someone else to tell them who possesses the right stuff.