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The Vishap is a dragon from Armenian mythology said to live on Mt. Ararat, or also in other mountain ranges such as the Azhdahak, and beneath lakes or in the clouds. It was water-based, though in some interpretations it can breath fire. A Vishap could have a lifespan of thousands of years. Its blood was said to be so poisonous that any weapon dipped in its blood would kill instantly. Vishaps were also said to have shape-shifting abilities. Vishaps caused thunderstorms when angry. The Vishap Stones (Vishapakar) may have been created in their honor. The god Vahagn was said to slay Vishaps. Vishaps feature heavily in such folktales as "Zangi and Zarangi", where a boy hero named Suren defeats three Vishaps who are holding a town imprisoned with his two dogs, Zangi and Zarangi. Legends of Vishaps prevailed even into Christian times.