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Home of San Lazzaro Island. Once had an Armenian quarter, Armenian street, and thriving Armenian merchant community linked to Cilicia.


Noyan Tapan News Agency Oct 5 2005

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 5, NOYAN TAPAN - ARMENIANS TODAY. The book "Hushamatean" (Book of Memories) is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Summer Intensive Courses of Armenian Language and Literature of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice. The Yerevan presentation of the book took place on October 4, at the Writers' Union of Armenia.

The 20th anniversary of the courses was receintly marked in Venice with a great celebration with the participation of guests arrived from Italy, France, England, Germany, Australia and Armenia.

The summer courses have been held at the Ca' Foskari University of Venice on the initiative of Father Levon Zekiyan, the Director of the Armenian Language and Literature Department of the University Ca' Foskari, since 1986. Not only Armenians but foreigners, either, who today works at the Armenian Studies Departments of different Universities, participate in those courses. 774 people participated in the courses till now.

Levon Ananian, the Chairman of the Writers' Union of Armenia mentioned that those courses are of important meaning for Armenian traditions. "Today the education field of Diaspora is before danger.

Closing of Moorat-Rafael College of Venice and Melkonian College of Cyprus already speaks on the fact that the national school in Diaspora retreats. We should make every effort to keep Armenian schools of Diaspora otherwise in some years there will be almost no Armenian schools in Diaspora," the Chairman of the Writers' Union mentioned.

L.Ananian emphasized that they should show honour to father Levon Zekiyan for the work carried out and the activity beneficial for the nation as the summer school doesn't only give knowledge of Armenian language but has a mission of securing Armenian culture and national originality as well.

"We are proud that 4-5mln Armenians live in different countries of the world but we shouldn't forget that only 10% of them speaks Armenian," Vladimir Barkhudarian, the RA NAS Academician mentioned.

According to him, courses dedicated to problems of keeping Armenian traditions should be held not only in Venice but in Armenia as well for children living in communities of Diaspora like the Fatherland coming to Armenia, remain Armenians and know the native tongue.

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Armenians from Venice

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