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About Vatche Arabian and The Arabian Production Company

Arabian Productions was founded June 2000 by Watertown, MA resident Vatche Arabian, with the production of a video journal/documentary of an exchange trip to the country of Armenia. "A Trip to Remember" premiered November 5, 2005 at the Belmont Studio Cinema with 250 people in attendance. December 10, 2005 was the follow up to this debut, a 30-minute documentary about the history and diverse culture of the Armenian people.

While finishing High School, Arabian Productions released "The Nameless Man," and a satire of the B-horror-movie era for Watertown High School's production of "Grease."

Starting at Fitchburg State College as a major in Communications Media in 2001 began the maturing of Arabian's work. Beginning with an experiment in video titled "Awake," a personal poem set to a series of images and symbols.

Going along with his theme of documentary work within the Armenian culture, April 2003 brought the release of "The Armenian Genocide: A Look through Our Eyes." Inspired by one of themes of Atom Egoyan's film "Ararat," "A Look through Our Eyes," was a series of interviews of second and third generation Armenian-American's, speaking about the effects the genocide had on their lives today. The documentary premiered at Fitchburg State College in April, and screened at FSC's Juried Student film series, "Visions 'O3."

Also completed in 2003 was "In Light of Sunset." Shot on location along the Charles River in Watertown, the project is an unconventional look at the different states of a relationship between two characters.

Spring 2004 marked the completion of Arabian's adaptation of his own feature script into short form. "The Gift of Winter," takes a look into a conversation between two prisoners in a Stalinist Soviet Gulag. "The Gift of Winter," premiered at FSC's "Visions '04."

His most recent work is "Booth," a short film outlining the last hours in the epic pursuit and capture of John Wilkes Booth, following his flight from Washington after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. "Booth" saw its first screening at FSC's "Visions '05."

Miscellaneous Crew and filmography:

1. The Departed (2006) (post-production) (production assistant)

Director - filmography

1. Booth (2005)

Producer - filmography

1. Booth (2005) (executive producer) (producer)

Editor - filmography

1. Booth (2005)

Watch Booth Online: [1]

Written and Directed by Vatche Arabian (2005)

This film follows the pursuit and capture of John Wilkes Booth.

We move back and forth between Booth's last conversation with his

accomplice, David Herold, and the pursuing cavalry.

Writer/Director/Producer: Vatche Arabian

Director of Photography: Paul Concemi

Assistant Director: Ben Swicker

Sound: Gregg Swiatlowski

John Wilkes Booth: Conor Timmis

David Herold: Adam LaFramboise Lt. Dougherty: David Cummins

2- The Gift of Winter (2004)

Director: Vatche Arabian

Actor: Max Flisi

Art Director: Cap Corduan

Watch Behind the Scenes of The Gift of Winter:[2]