Vartan Matiossian

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At Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires has published “The Thought and Art of the Diaspora” (in Armenian), Harach (Paris), September 3, 2000, 2.

He has written the following reviews: “The Coinage of Sophene and Commagene: Nothing New Under the Sun,” Armenian Numismatic Journal, March 2000, 17-20 and Narciso Binayan Carmona, Entre el pasado y el futuro: los armenios en la Argentina, Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, vol. 10, 1998-1999 (2000), 133-138.

He lectured on “The Origin of the Armenian People,” sponsored by the Marzbed Armenian Day School, St. Hagop Armenian Church, Racine, Wisconsin, May 24, 2000.