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Vache Yepremian

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The dream of the inhabitants of the capital of NKR to have a church in the city will soon fulfill. On September 15 the foundation stones of St. Jacob Church near Hekimian Street in Stepanakert were laid. At the ceremony of confirmation churchmen of Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, officials and believers were present. The Armenian benefactor Vache Yepremian from Los Angeles who will sponsor the construction of the church was also present. After washing with water and wine and anointing with chrism the 16 stones symbolizing the 13 apostles, 2 evangelists and Gregory the Illuminator were placed in the foundation of the church. Vache Yepremian said the idea of building a church in Stepanakert occurred during his talks with Archbishop of Artsakh Parghev Martirossian; he was surprised to learn that there was no church in Stepanakert. The construction of the church will last till next spring. And in the second half of October the foundations of the cathedral will be laid. Its construction will probably last for 2 - 3 years.