Turkish effort to censor Microsoft Encarta entry on Armenian Genocide

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The Chronicle of Higher Education has revealed a campaign by the Turkish government to pressure Microsoft's on-line encyclopedia, Encarta, to deny the Armenian Genocide.

In its August 18th edition, the Chronicle reports that the Turkish government has threatened Microsoft with serious reprisals unless any mention of the Armenian Genocide is removed from its entry dealing with Armenia, written by Ronald Grigor Suny, and its entry on genocide, written by Helen Fein.

According to the article, in response to Turkey's pressure, Microsoft approached both these authors to rewrite their entries to cast doubt on the historical facts of the Armenian Genocide. Both Mr. Suny and Ms. Fein rejected these requests and have openly discussed Turkey's pressure tactics with reporters from the Chronicle.

The Chronicle article, written by Jeff Sharlet and Scott Heller, also notes that Encarta's entry on Turkey makes no mention of the Armenian Genocide. The Chronicle is the nation's leading publication for the academic community.

Last Updated: 9/29/00
Source: ANCA