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Tumanian Town

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Tumanyan (Arm: Թումանյան), Lori Marz

Dsegh (825 p) was called Tumanyan from 1938-1969, after its famous son, the writer Hovhannes Tumanyan (1869-1923), and maintains the Tumanian house museum. In the village there is a basilica of 654 housing an ethnographic museum, and nearby a 7th c. church built by the Mamikonians, and on the canyon wall almost due N of the village is the evocative, overgrown, semi-collapsed Bardzrakashi S. Grigori Vank* =75= (40 58.66n x 044 39.54e) of 12-13th c, above the confluence of the Debed and Marts Rivers - it may be easier to reach by direct hike up from the spot where the rivers meet at the bottom of the canyon, I have not tested this route but it appears promising. W of the village is Karasun Mankots Vank of 12th c. In a field near Dsegh is the "Sirun Khach" ("beautiful cross") khachkar.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook