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Tsakhats Kar Monastery

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X AD - Vayots Dzor Marz

Tsakhats Kar Monastery - general view.

Going E from Shatin, one follows the Yeghegis river upstream. Note that many of the village names have changed since 1988, along with the population. At the first fork beyond Shatin, signposted “Tsakhatskar Vank 13 km”, turning left (N) on a paved road brings one to Artabuynk (726 v, until 1946 Erdapin, then Yeghegis until the recent transfer of populations, when Alayaz reclaimed the name.) Its inhabitants were brought in 1830 from Khoy region. Follow the lower road parallel to the stream until about 1 km past the village. An unmarked jeep track angles steeply down to the right, fords the stream, and climbs up. The left fork (and left again) leads (6 km NE of village) to the splendid ruined Tsakhatskar Monastery, with S. Hovhannes church of 989, S. Karapet church [cupola hall type, with a sacristy in each of the four corners] of the 10th c, and a host of other ruined buildings, decorated with splendid khachkars, on the flank of the mountain. [Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook.]

Fill your water bottles at the pipe-spring on your right a little after passing the river.

Tsakhats Kar Monastery - side church.
Tsakhats Kar Monastery - annex.


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