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Treasured Armenian Recipes

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Treasured Armenian Recipes
Book-cover-treasured armenian recipes.jpg
Publication Year 1949
Format Softbound
Language English
Category Food & Recipes

A classic of American-Armenian recipes. No illustrations. Published by the Detroit Women's Chapter, Armenian General Benevolent Union.


1. Appetizers (Sarmas, pickles, salads, etc.) 2. Madzoon 3. Soups 4. Fish 5. Fowl 6. Meat (Kebab, kufta, boudi, etc.) 7. Meats cooked with vegetables 8. Eggplants 9. Vegetables 10. Pilafs 11. Macaroni and noodles 12. Paste (Lahmajoon, manti, beoreg) 13. Bread - Katah - Cheoreg - Coffee Cake - Simit 14. Desserts (Paklava, Bourma, Kadayif, lokma, etc.) 15. Miscellaneous 16. the cook book committee 17. Recipe contributors 18. Glossary of Basic Words 19. Index