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The Menace of Djemal Pasha

SEPTEMBER 12, 1915

ROME, Sept. 12 (via Paris, Sept. 13.)--The attitude of Djemal Pasha, former Minister of Marine, is giving the Turkish Committee of Union and Progress much anxiety, the Tribuna says it has learned from sources of information in the Balkans. He is reported to be in Arabia in constant contract with sheik and emirs hostile to the committee, while Arab preachers are trying to ferment rebellion among the inhabitants.

Taalat Bey, Minister of the Interior, realizes, it is said that the situation is serious and is not holding entirely aloof from the movement to return to power Hilmi Pasha, former Grand Vizier, who is now Ambassador to Austria-Hungary. Hostility to the German policy is reported to be becoming increasibly violent.

A complete disagreement between Djemal Pasha and Enver Pasha, Minister of War, as well as Taalat Bey, was reported early this month. It was intimated that the former Minister of Marine was suspected of preparing a coup d'eta against the Committee of Union and Progress. After the Failure of the expedition against Egypt under his command. Djemal Pasha was ordered to Mesopotamia, but apparently did not go there.

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