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I think that Setrak Setrakian merits inclusion in the Armenian Hall of Fame. He is a superb and very individual musician and composer. His renditions are inspired and inspirational, touching the heart, capturing the soul and lifting the spirit in a way that only Setrakian knows how. You only have to listen to some of his recordings and you will be moved to include him.

'Setrakian’s individualistic style'

“Setrakian’s individualistic style, an acknowledged statement from the Master!” One only has to hear him play, to appreciate his very own inimitable style. He is just as much at home with other Composers works, taking the pieces and making them his own, moulding and giving them the Setrakian, ‘treatment.’ It is healing to hear and open to interpretation, what a man! Setrakian received the, ‘Saint Mesrob Mashdots,’ Honorary Medal of honour by His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos. What a composer!