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R. H. Hewsen also published an English translation of the “Ashkharhats'oyts' " (Wiesbaden, Dr. Ludwig Reichert

Press, 1992), the famed seventh-century Armenian geography of the world attributed to Ananais of Shirak (Anania

Shirakats'i). He wrote the introduction to a reprinting of the original Armenian texts of both the long and the short versions of this geography for the Caravan Press (Delmar, New York, 1994).

Hewsen also compiled the seven large-scale maps of Armenia and the Caucasus region for the “Tübingen Atlas of

the Middle East" (Wiesbaden, Dr. Ludwig Reichert Press, 1987-1991).

Dr. Hewsen retired from Rowan University in 1999 and two years later settled in fresno, Caliofornia, but continues to work in his chosen field of Armenian Studies.

[Written by R. H. Hewsen 10/16/07].