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Shame on you raffik. Proposing this kind of extremist literature would not bring the happyness to armenia and georgia. the articles like this one would anly promote the conflicts and poisoning of future generation of both countries. I know that extremism is a characteristic of armenian man and there are many reasons for this, but you cant see any armenians in tbilisi (there are so many and have their own schools) who would tell you they are abused or being discriminated in georgia. I dont know what do you hope to get out of this and other similar articles. would be better to write something more positive. thats my advice to you. Georgia will find its truth sooner or later, you would better hide this kind of articles from the children and other ones like as if armenians have created georgia, or armenians created georgian alphabet, and our kings bagrationi-s where ethnicly armenians etc. nobody cares. somebody also said to me that in 1930s one square in tbilisi was built by stolen stones from armenian graveyars. so what? its got nothing to do with georgia or georgians, but there is something to do with the comunism, comunists were doing the same things with georgian churches, graveyards, inteligents etc. so dont blame georgia in having the sea, mountins, flexible location etc. it is given to us by god. God bless georgia, armenia, azerbaijan all caucasus and the world in full.

I'm not raffik. --Hye 18:40, 5 October 2007 (PDT)