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Rare and Endangered Animals of Armenia

The Common Shelduck

The Common Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) is a shelduck, a group of large goose-like birds which are part of the bird family Anatidae, which also includes the swans, geese and ducks. The Anatidae article should be referred to for an overview of this group of birds.

This is a bird which breeds in temperate Eurasia. Most populations migrate to subtropical areas in winter, but this species is largely resident in westernmost Europe, apart from movements to favoured moulting grounds, such as the Wadden Sea on the north German coast.

These moulting flocks can be very large (100,000 on the Wadden Sea), since most pairs leave their partially grown young in a crèche with just one or two adults.

This species is mainly associated with lakes and rivers in open country, breeding in rabbit burrows, tree holes, haystacks or similar. In winter it is common on suitable estuaries and tidal mudflats as well.

This is a striking bird with its white and chestnut body, green head and neck and red bill. Sexes are similar, but the female is duller. The male has a swollen red bill knob in the breeding season. The call is a loud honk.

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Animal in Armenia

Խայտաբղետ բադ (“Khaytabghet bad”)


Disappearing species.

Habitat in Armenia

Met in small groups on the reservoirs of Lake Sevan and around the River Arax.

Number in the wild

The most recently 2- 3 birds met during flight period on Sevan. At the same time 50 – 100 birds met on Ararat valley.

Reasons for decrease in number

Decrease of water level of Sevan. Yearly freezing of the lake had its negative influence too.

Number in captivity

11 species kept in Yerevan zoo.

Measures of protection taken

Hunting is forbidden in the territory of Armenia.

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