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Suren Deheryan

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Suren Deheryan, 33, is the editor-in-chief of web resource for media professionals and also he is the journalism teacher at Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov. Deheryan has about 10 years experience in practical journalism and 5 years experience in journalism teaching. Three years Deheryan managed special issues at online weekly from 2005. The issues had been concerning Environment in Armenia, Women in Politics, Tourism and Elections.

From 2007, as a president of “Journalists for the Future” NGO, he organized various events for journalists and Journalism faculties’ students of Universities in Armenia. In June 2009 he initiated Student’s Eye, Photo Gallery and Media Announcements Columns at for young journalists and students that to help them to get professional opportunities and use their skills in practice.

Information from Website - 2010/3/9