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Karabaghi president Arkady Ghuasian, senior officials of executive and legislative government of Karabagh and other public figures visited the Monument dedicated to the 1988 Sumgait tragic events? victims and paid homage to the memory of the victims. A divine liturgy was also served by the participation of senior clergymen. Anti-Armenian Violence Sumgait: The vigorous but mainly peaceful political activity in Karabakh and Yerevan was accompanied by a resumption of killings. On February 27, fanatical Azeri-Turks went on a three day rampage in Sumgait, a new industrial town 20 miles from Baku, murdering members of the town's large Armenian minority and destroying their property. According to the official Soviet account 32 died, but eyewitness reports stfongly suggest the true figure runs into the hundreds. Marina Pogosyan, a young survivor of the Sumgait massacre, testified: "On the twenty-sixth, a Friday, a friend of mine warned me to stay inside over the weekend.

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