Sternbergia fischeriana

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< On the list of Rare and Endangered Plants of Armenia

Plant in Armenia

Շտերնբերգիա ֆիշերի (“Shternbergia fisheri”)


Rare species. Last time was gathered in Meghri region some 70 years ago. Thus searches for this species were made in that region, although two small populations were discovered a little up north.

Habitat in Armenia

Met in floristic region of Zangezur, and around Kapan.

Habitat and ecology

Grows in dry rocky and grassy hills, in the height of 1000 – 1100 meters above sea level.

Biology and potential value

Blossoms in end February – March. Decorative species. Can be successfully used for introductions as early-spring plants.

Measures of protection

Make a strict control over the species. Include in the botanical park in Yerevan.

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