Sternbergia colchiciflora

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< On the list of Rare and Endangered Plants of Armenia

Plant in Armenia

Շտերնբերգիա խլոպուզածաղիկ (“Shternbergia khopuzatsaghik”)


Was known from the only habitat around Ijevan. Due to the expansion of the Ijevan, species may have disappeared, as the search of this plant gave no results.

Habitat in Armenia

Met in the northern parts of Armenia.

Habitat and ecology

Grows in dry rocky hills.

Biology and potential value

Decorative species. Blossoms in autumn when the leave ad most other blossoming plants are gone.

Measures of protection

Arrange search for the species and take control over the populations in case of positive results. Include in the botanical park in Yerevan. Included in the Red Book of the former Soviet Union.

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