Sose Mayrig

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Sose Mayrig Egyptian passport.jpg
Sose's Egyptian passport photo
Birth name Sose Vartanian
Birthplace Teghud
Birth date 1868
Lived in Constantinople, Alexandria, Teghud
Resides in Alexandria
Death place Alexandria
Death date 1953/02/09
Death year 1953
Resting place Yerablur
Profession Fedayee
Affiliations ARF
Languages Armenian, Arabic, Turkish
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian
Ancestral villages Teghud
Spouses Aghbiur Serob

Sose Mayrig (Armenian: Սոսէ Մայրիկ, 1868 – 1953), born Sose Vartanian, (Սոսե Վարդանյան) was an Armenian female fedayee, the wife of famous hajduk leader Serop Aghpur. She was surnamed "mayrig" (mother) by Serop's hajduks for her bravery and maternal concern for Armenian youth.

She participated in the many fedayee fightings. In 1898, after the battle of Babshen, Sose and Serop fled to Sassoun. In 1899, along with her son, Serop and his brothers, she participated in the battle against Kurdish brigands: Serop, their son and Serop's brothers were killed while Sose Mayrig was wounded. After the Sasun uprising in 1904, she moved to Van and then to the Caucasus. Another son of Sose Mayrig and Serop was killed during the massacre in Erzerum. From 1920, Sose Mayrig lived in Constantinople, then in Alexandria (Egypt), where she died in 1953. Her remains were later moved to the Yerablur military cemetery in Yerevan.


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