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My Armenian Heritage is a book written by Sooren S. Apkarian, a first generation American Armenian from Dearborn, Michigan (USA).

My Armenian Heritage, by Sooren S. Apkarian, is a biographical account of Sooren's two trips to his ancestral homeland, Armenia, in the 70s. This book is a highly entertaining, witty and informative book that is a must for all Armenians wanting to learn more about their heritage and culture and/or travelling to Armenia. Written in a diary manner, Sooren recounts his impressions from his visits to Armenia, visiting his parents' relatives for the first time, witnessing first-hand the generous hospitality and trials and tribulations of his never before seen, long lost uncles, aunts and cousins. Readers experience tears and laughter abound and this is a must read book for anyone with Armenian blood in them.

A brief synopsis of the book is included below, as there is so much more to being Armenian than solely the genocide or the Kardashian's, and Sooren Apkarian shares these many insights in his book.

This book will be of special interest to Armenians who were born in the diaspora, but also want to learn more about their background and the Armenian way of life of before independence from the Soviet Union in the 70's. Every true Armenian should have a copy.

My Armenian Heritage

American born Armenian, Sooren S. Apkarian, a lifelong Dashnag member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) in Michigan, spent a working life of 38 years in a cold-rolled steel mill (Detroit Steel Corporation). He was employed as a Steelworker in Detroit. He retired in 1985 and set about writing his memoirs. “My Armenian Heritage” is the autobiographical narrative of Sooren Apkarian’s roots, his development as an Armenian nationalist, and his two voyages to his ancestral homeland in 1971 and 1975. On his trips Sooren was overwhelmed with emotional feelings, family and food. From his shocking meeting with his paternal uncle Avo, a near facsimile of his father, to gatherings with daily waves of dozens of previously unknown relatives, each of whom was giddy with excitement and who shocked the author with their love and hospitality. This work covers the gamut of family relations, the yearning for familial love, the detrimental effects of communism, national pride and Armenian history.

Sooren's bibliographic information for My Armenian Heritage is also freely available in the University of Michigan campus's online catalog and the direct link is at

144 pages. Paperback or download versions. My Armenian Heritage (ISBN 0615152651).