Sona Aslanyan

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Armenian women serving in United States army

11:23 - 06.11.11

Armenian women are serving in the US army, according to the Burbank Leader publication.

Sona Aslanyan, a 26-year-old Armenian national who moved to US 15 years ago is one such soldier at the US army.

Speaking to Burbank Leader, she said the reason she wanted to serve in the army was to do her patriotic duty to US for having improved her life.

`I wanted to do something good for my country,' she was quoted as saying. `There are not many Armenian women who are serving in the army.'

Together with 54 other women soldier Sona took part in swearing-in ceremony on November 5 this year.

Women made 11 per cent of the US army in 1990 and 14 per cent in 2007. Eighty-five per cent of women have been deployed in war zones.

A total of 27,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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