Shant Norashkharian

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Shant Norashkharian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1953, where he graduated from the Armenian Evangelical College. He then studied at the American University of Beirut, and earned his Electrical Engineering degree at California State University, Los Angeles. He also studied classical music composition in Beirut, Yerevan, Vienna, and Los Angeles. He is the son of the late Hagop Norashkharian, poet, writer, editor, founder of Nor Serount Cultural Association, and author of nine books published in the diaspora and in the homeland. He is the grandson of Levon Norashkharian, who is the author of Zeytoun, 1914-1921, and who fought the Turks from 1915, when his father Nazareth Chavoush, the mayor of Zeytun, was murdered by the Turkish Kaimakam, to 1921 when he settled in Musa Dagh [which at that time was in the French mandate of Syria].

Shant Norashkharian has translated Zarian, Shahnour, Sevag, Baronian and other Armenian writers from Armenian to English. He is also the author of vocal compositions such as Psalm 86 for choir and organ, and instrumental compositions such as the symphonic poems Kacherou Bar, and Garod which was premiered by the Las Vegas Civic Symphony orchestra in 1992. He currently resides in Ontario, California.

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