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And Survivors Reach Petrograd from Armenia After Terrible Sufferings on the Way

SEPTEMBER 18, 1915

PETROGRAD, Sept. 17, (via London, Saturday, Sept. 18).--Dr. Clarence D. Ussher, Mr. and Mrs. Yarrow, and thirteen other persons, comprising the missionary staff at Van, Turkish Armenia, passed through Petrograd today on their way to Bergen, Norway, having had to abandon to pillage and flame the result of seventy years work at Van.

Aged but dauntless; Mrs. Reynolds, one of the party, broke her leg in the hurried flight from Van and died at Tiflis two days before her husband reached there from America. Mrs. Ussher died from typhus fever shortly before the flight . Dr. Ussher, was attacked the day that his wife was stricken. He is still scarcely able to walk, although he has recovered from the disease.

The entire party suffered great hardships on the road. All the members of the party were scourged by disease and were forced to halt at Tiflis. there fortunately, the mission Board had a fund deposited with the American Consul.

William A. Shedd, head of the Urumiah Mission, and Mrs. Labore, the wife of one of the missionaries at Urumiah, and several other missionaries are here, homeward bound. Dr. Shedd lost his wife, and two other women of the Urumiah station died from disease, due to overwork in caring for 20,000 refugees. As an indication of the spirit of American missionaries, another body of them left here tonight for Persia after having bade farewell to Dr. Shedd's party.

A hard copy of this article or hundreds of others from the time of the Armenian Genocide can be found in The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts From The American Press: 1915-1922