Sarkis Ordyan

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Sarkis Ordyan was a Ukranian-Armenian painter.

An early painting by Sarkis Ordyan, name unknown

Early Life

Sarkis Ordyan was born on December 20, 1918 to unknown parents in the village of Aigedzor, in the Shamshadin region of Armenia. He was married to Arevhat Grigoryan and had two children, Rafik Ordyan and Anahit Ordyan. Sarkis died in 2003, and is buried in Odessa, Ukraine.

Aspiring Painter

Sarkis Ordyan left Armenia for Moldova where he lived for several years until settling in the Ukraine. In the city of Odessa, he became known as "The Lonely Painter".

Works of Art

Few of Sarkis' works survive today. Some are in the possession of private collectors some of whom are in Armenia.