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Ruben Malayan (1971) is an artist, photographer and art director. He holds degrees from Terlemezian Art College (painting) & from the State Institute of Fine Arts (graphics) in Yerevan, Armenia. Exhibits art locally and abroad.

For past few years Ruben has been working on a book ( “The Art of Armenian Calligraphy / ՀԱՅԿԱԿԱՆ ԳԵՂԱԳՐՈՒԹՅԱՆ ԱՐՎԵՍՏ”) which focuses on the evolution of the calligraphic tradition and placing it on a stage upon which it can be studied as an independent art form. It's designed to serve as a source of reference and inspiration to anyone interested in this subject and to illuminate its future by offering inspiring examples of contemporary calligraphic work.

Ruben Malayan is a founder of the "Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Graphic & Art Posters" project which has received wide coverage and acclaim in the international press, with posters published in number of books and magazines worldwide.

Contact details: Mr. Ruben Malayan Aigestan street 1, app. 32 Yerevan 0025 Armenia Mobile: +374 777 26 229 Email: Online portfolio: / Official website of Ruben Malayan

Fine Arts Graphic Design & VFX Creative & Stock Photography

Armenian Calligraphy

Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Graphic & Art Posters 2002-2010

Ruben Malayan