Rhinolophus mehelyi

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Rare and Endangered Animals of Armenia

Animal in Armenia

Մեհելիի պայտաքիթ ("Mehelii paytakit")


Armenia – eastern border of natural habitat. Has tendency to decrease.

Habitat in Armenia

First found in Armenia in 1945 in Artsvanist village, Martuni region. Can be met around Yerevan (Karmir Blur, Jrvejh), up Hrazdan River in the town of Hrazdan. Natural habitat includes the territory from Goris to the west until Armavir, and from Yerevan to the north until Ijevan region inclusive.

Number in the wild

They are usually met in large groups. Though, nowadays, they are mostly met in small groups. In 1960 – 1961 hundreds of these bats lived and wintered in Karmir Blur cave. Starting from 1969, 2 – 16 species winter in the mentioned cave.

Reasons for decrease in number

Economic activity of the population, superstitious attitude toward this mammals sometimes resulting in destruction of entire groups.

Number in captivity

Single examples are kept in some laboratories of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Measures of protection taken


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