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Research on Armenian Architecture

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The purpose of Research on Armenian Architecture (RAA) NGO is to investigate and document Armenian architectural monuments located outside the borders of the present-day Republic of Armenia, i.e. in Cilicia and Historical Armenia (most of the latter's territory has formed part of its neighbouring countries since World War I), as well as in the adjacent countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and the historical Armenian Diaspora. The organization also has the objective of presenting the Armenian society and international community publications on them.

The problem is the same everywhere: it is necessary to take photographs of the monuments and have them fixed onto maps, thus saving them at least on paper before their final annihilation. With this goal in mind, RAA started research about 30 years ago in an area larger than the present-day Republic of Armenia, the entire work being carried out by a few devotees who had to confine themselves to the highly limited financial means they had at their disposal, being sometimes obliged to face rather dangerous conditions. Eye-witness to the planned destruction of the Armenian architectural monuments, each year we are confronted with the difficult choice of prioritizing our targets and deciding where to focus our efforts. The final decision, however, is always dependent on financial resources and different political obstacles.

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