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Recognition of Armenian Genocide by the European Union

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EU Assembly Backs Calls For Armenian Genocide Recognition RFE/RL By Emil Danielyan

The European Parliament added its voice on December 15, 2004 to the French government's calls for Turkey to recognize the Armenian genocide in order to win membership in the European Union.

Reaffirming its earlier resolutions, the EU's legislative body urged Turkey to `promote the process of reconciliation with the Armenian people by recognizing the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians' in 1915-1923. It also called on the EU's member states and executive Commission to seek Turkish recognition of the genocide during the anticipated accession talks with Ankara.

The calls were part of the European Parliament's non-binding but important resolution urging EU leaders to give the green light for the start of such talks at a summit in Brussels later this week. The French government has already indicated that it will press Ankara to end its long-running policy of genocide denial.

Still, France's Foreign Minister Michel Barnier made it clear that that will not a be precondition for the entry talks, a statement echoed by European Parliament President Josep Borrell.