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Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Uruguay

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Aug. 18, 1972

On the 52nd Anniversary of the Treaty of Sevres, Senator Angel Ratt proposed the following Resolution which was accepted by the members of the National Assembly. The Resolution Stated: "The Treaty of Sevres had an international bearing, signed in 1920 it concerned the free loving Armenians who suffered so much, and for their right to self determination and their future. We propose to ask the Government to present the Armenian Demand as confirmed by the Treaty of Sevres to the United Nations".

"... This unpunished genocide of our century which we call Armenocide. This genocide of a particular nature seems to have been the regular example to the series of genocides and it is interesting to study it as a "clinical case" of the first order in the records of crimes against humanity.

We have chosen this title for our study in a field which is both new and tragic in the "Collective Criminology" of our time. We propose to study this case thoroughly because in our opinion, it represents the most appropriate characteristics of the crime of a genocide..."

Moussa Prince, Un crime impuni: l'Armenocide (Dans le cadre des crimes contre l'humanite).

An unpunished genocide: Armenocide (in the context of Crimes against humanity). A study presented at the International Conference on the Prevention of Crimes, Paris, July 9-14, 1967.

Source: Hagop Terjimanian, "The First Holocaust: The Genocide Against the Armenian Nation 1915 - 1923".