Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Poland

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19.04.2005 11:38

A bill by Presidium of the Sejm was passed in Poland. The bill states that "Memories about the atrocities of these years are the moral duty of all people of good will. While integrating Turkey in EU, EU demands to recognise the Armenian Genocide officially and establish official relations with Republic of Armenia". The bill will be sent to the Senate for approval as well. The Polish Foreign Ministry lobbied against the passage of the bill.

According to Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Speaker of the Sejm, that the members of parliament undertook the decision to recognize the Armenian Genocide, understanding perfectly that the Turkish government still does not want to accept responsibility for the extermination of Armenians in 1915. He affirmed that this event did take place, there should be no doubt that responsibility falls on Turks, and that Turkish documents confirm this. "At the same time, I understand that this it is difficult for Turks to accept, politically and psychologically, even though it took place three generations ago....Nevertheless, we know that the clear need for obeisance of this kind of tragic event is unshakable, and moral considerations force us to do what we have done. The Turkish Foreign Ministry is not right (saying that Poland's decision is anti-Turkish), and I can not accept that criticism."