Prangos aricis-romanae

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< On the list of Rare and Endangered Plants of Armenia

Plant in Armenia

Գելի բոխի, պրանգուս բերդաթումբ (“Geli bokhi, prangus berdatumb”)


Rare species. Quite a few populations used to be known in Armenia. Nowadays the number is rapidly decreasing. Recently a new population was found out around Lake Sevan, on the height of 2100 – 2200 meters above sea level.

Habitat in Armenia

Met in the floristic regions of Verin-Akhuryan, Sevan, Dareleghis, and Meghri.

Habitat and ecology

Grows in dry rocky hill slopes.

Biology and potential value

Natural reproduction is very slow. Valuable medicinal plant. Has huge scientific interest.

Measures of protection

Due to the creation of Sevan National Park at least the populations near Lake Sevan will be protected. Should be also included in the Botanical Park of Yerevan.

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