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MARCH 25, 1915

The plans of Armenia awarm with fugitives fleeing from the Turk. All able-bodied men in Armenia have been dragged to Turkish battlefields, while in the show-clad highlands and valleys the women, the children, and the aged are dying of starvation by thousands.

Belgium still suffers. All the agencies of relief for that unhappy land have not sufficed, but they are well known. Relatively few know of the headquarters in this city of the Armenian Relief Fund, at 354 Fourth Avenue, or of the Polish Relief Fund at 265 Central Park West. The Red Cross Society with national headquarters in Washington, is doing all it can for Serbia, whither sanitary experts will soon set fourth to stamp out the plagues under the auspices of the Red Cross and the Rockfaller Foundation. But for Serbia, Poland, and Armenia more funds are urgently needed.

A hard copy of this article or hundreds of others from the time of the Armenian Genocide can be found in The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts From The American Press: 1915-1922