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Clockwork Bomb Found in War Ministry at Constantinople; Several Officials Arrested

APRIL 28, 1915

PARIS - April 27. A powerful clockwork bomb was found hidden yesterday in the Ministry of war at Constantinople, according to a dispatch from Saloniki. It was timed to explode at an hour when the Council would be in session. The meeting of this body is attended by Enver Pasha. Minister of War, Field Marshal von der Goltz and General Liman von Sanders.

An investigation is said to have disclosed that the bomb was placed in the room by a sweep who had come to clean the chimney and who then disappeared. Several minor officials connected with the Ministry of War have been arrested on suspicion of being his accomplice on. The police believed the plot was directed against the Young Turks and the Germans.

Members of the Committee of Union and Progress are said to have decided, at a meeting to which no German were admitted, to adhere , to a "waiting policy," but to favor the conclusion of a separate peace with the Allies if Germany failed to provide the assistance sufficient repulse an attack on Dardanelles.

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