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Priests, Who Preach "Jihad," Declare Kaiser Is Mentioned in the Koran

NOVEMBER 28, 1915

The Tribuna of Rome printed on Nov. 14 the following information, which, it states, it had received from trustworthy sources in Constantinople:

"Troops continue to arrive here from Anatolia. Uniforms and arms are lacking, however, and the recruits are trained with ancient muskets taken from the arsenal.

"The German successes have revived the hopes and enthusiasm of the Turks. The priests are now preaching was to the death, and announce the approaching conquest of Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Morocco, the Caucasus, and India. The priests are also proclaiming that the Kaiser is the messenger of Mahomet, and that his name is mentioned in the Koran, where he is called Muhib ul Islam.

"Thanks to the Kaiser, Bulgaria has paid homage to the Sultan.

"A great expedition, it is asserted, is being organized against Egypt, in which the Turks, the Bulgarians, Germans, and Arabs will participate, the latter, as a result of the German victories, having recognized the divine mission of the Sultan. Preparations have actually begun in Asia Minor, where many German engineer officers have arrived.

"It is affirmed that, in view of the expedition against Egypt, the Senussi have called to the command a true Senussi, named Sidi Idris el Mahdi, who up to the present has been living in holy places.

"It is also announced that negotiations are taking place Between Constantinople and Addis Ababa, to secure the co-operation of Abyssinia against the Sudan contemporaneously with the Turkish attack against Egypt.

"A telegram from a German source states that the first convoy of 20,000 tons of Rumanian cereal left Braila on Nov. 12 for Germany. Huge purchases of cereals have also been made in Bulgaria. Marshal von Mackensen has informed the Bulgarian Headquarters Staff that by the Kaiser's orders all the booty which the Germans take in Serbia will be handed over to Bulgaria."

A hard copy of this article or hundreds of others from the time of the Armenian Genocide can be found in The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts From The American Press: 1915-1922