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Pittsburgh is a city in Pennsylvania with an old Armenian population.

Armenian Classroom at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh has 31 Nationality Rooms depicting and donated by the national and ethnic groups that helped build the city of Pittsburgh.

The Armenian Classroom was inspired by the 10th- to 12th-century Sanahin Monastery. The design consists of intersecting arches and a domed ceiling built to lessen damage from frequent earthquakes in that country. The room's arches, built of Indiana limestone, make this the heaviest of the Nationality Rooms, weighing 22 tons, and required the second floor beneath the room to be reinforced in order to support its weight. The cornerstone is a basalt stone from the grounds of Sanahin. In the mortar behind it are the thumbprints of five of the oldest Armenian diaspora living in the Pittsburgh area, as well as the handprint of an infant of Armenian descent, symbolizing the continuity of the Armenian presence in western Pennsylvania. (From Wikipedia)

Dedicated: August 28, 1988

Check out this video made by the university explaining more about it and showing the cool interior.

You can see photos of all 31 rooms on their website.